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Originally Posted by TTech321 View Post
Well if they don't start producing decent racquets they are gonna continue to see their players change yo other brands like Babolat, Head, or Yonex; I heard Yonex makes quality racquets. It's just i'm use to the way my 90 plays, but if Wilson insists on producing a sub-par product, then I'd have no choice but to switch. I don't feel like shelling out 400 bucks for a pair of sticks that won't play they same, and will fall apart within 6 months.
I don't the quality of Wilson and its Tour 90's are bad. It's the quality control that gets people. It's very likely that your Tour 90's do not have the advertised specs. Weight is a little heavier/lighter, racquet is more headlight/headheavy, that kind of thing.
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