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Originally Posted by TTech321 View Post
Well if they don't start producing decent racquets they are gonna continue to see their players change yo other brands like Babolat, Head, or Yonex; I heard Yonex makes quality racquets. It's just i'm use to the way my 90 plays, but if Wilson insists on producing a sub-par product, then I'd have no choice but to switch. I don't feel like shelling out 400 bucks for a pair of sticks that won't play they same, and will fall apart within 6 months.
These racquets don't fall apart after 6 months. And they aren't sub-par either. These are pretty gross exaggerations. Wilson makes good products, they might not be gram for gram up to spec, but all the head Austrian made sticks are way more off than Wilson's current sticks. I've had pro tour 630's that ranged a bunch in weight and flex. Some of the paint colors were slightly different from each other, but you don't hear people whine about Austrian stick do you? In fact people praise them. Just stop the theatrics here. Not everything is as bad as people here make it. Just a lot of whine.
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