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Can't wrap my head around comparing Safina and Jankovic. Safina had one of the biggest games in women's tennis and at times could be terrific - had some emotional issues (like her brother) but it was severe back problems that ended her career. Jankovic had some speed and consistency - much like Wozniaki - but nothing like Safina.
You overrate Safina. She did not have one of the biggest games in the WTA. She wouldnt have been made to look like a fool whenever she played Serena, Sharapova, Henin, Venus, Dementieva or many others on a hard or grass court if she did. Only on clay could she even compete with the top players. Jankovic atleast pushed the best players harder than Safina did, look at her record vs the Williams sisters vs Safina's for instance. Even Henin who Jankovic never beat (and Safina did once when Henin was flaking out and retiring) Jankovic had many more competitive matches with than Safina who was just a bakery shop for Henin for the most part. Jankovic became a top player much earlier than Safina and remained one much longer. Safina was basically just a B level power player without a great serve, very good movement, or hardly any variety, who was a super hard worker, and who made the most of limited raw talent until her injuries. Basically a fatter and uglier version of peak Hantuchova who happened to peak in 2008/2009 rather than 2002/2003, hence why she got to #1 rather than to a high of say #5. She was also a huge headcase, one of the biggest ever seen, even Jankovic is mentally tough compared to her, and Wozniacki is Chris Evert in mental toughness by comparision.

To compare Safina to Safin in talent is quite the joke. Safin did have the talent to dominate the ATP in the several years before Federer existed. Safina certainly did not have the talent or the anything to dominate the WTA, she had the ability (through tons of hard work more than talent) to win a French Open at some point had she not been a choker on the big stage, and to be one of a string of computerized #1s in a really weak WTA era, that is it.

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