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Default Myths that need correcting

Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Fed is 0-2 vs. Nadal on hard courts at the slams (been losing to Nadal on hard courts since Nadal was wearing Diapers), Fed's arguable best surface, Hands down Nadal's WORSE. Whats Fed's excuse there?

... Oh yea.. Matchup.
Both surface AND conditions matter. The huge Myth that doesn't seem to go away is that hard court is Nadals worst surface. We have to distinguish between outdoor hard and indoor hard. Every player will tell you that they could be considered completely different surfaces. Now indoor hard court is Nadals worst surface. He has never beaten Roger on that. Outdoor hard is Nadals possibly second best surface. Most outdoor hard courts are very slow surfaces these days (with the possible exceptions of US open and the US open series, which are medium paced) this suits Nadal hugely. If you don't think outdoor and indoor matters - then okay lets combine them - Roger is ahead - so what's your point then?

So summary indoor (hard or carpet) is Nadal worst playing situation....not just blank statement hard court.
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