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I've had a rotation of about 18 different Android phones and my last was THE one that met my standards. PS : I've attempted to use an iPhone 4/4s but its just too small, boring, and slow with junk specs dated back in 2009. ( Over exaggeration intended ). The Nexus 4 which just got released a while back ( November 27th i believe ) has great battery life, screen ( though not as good as an HTC One X ) , build quality ( problems have occurred to some owners that the back cracks easily but it hasnt happened to me ) , and a fast processor. Works amazingly if you flash a custom ROM and overclock it. I chose this phone also because its bandwidths are for both T-Mobile and AT&T ( which i use both currently ) so i have HSPA+ with both carriers. Didn't figure out how to get 4G LTE on AT&T but my area doesn't even have it here so theres no point in attempting it. Camera quality is great as well. Works well outdoors in low lighting also. BUT*****. I doubt someone will be able to pick one up for retail price from Google. This phone came to my house in 2 months since they had a low stock and high demand. Sold out in a couple minutes. Theres a lot to say about this phone that i cannot type all of it! My second choice is the HTC One X.
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