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Just to clarify:

1) I'd like to know if the difference in actual weight is more with the IG Prestige Pro models than the older Youtek Prestige Pro models (this will directly affect which model i choose). I do understand that no two racquets will ever be 100% identical, but anything more than 4 grams in the static weight is unacceptable in my books - its the same process, same mold, same materials, or is Head's quality control just rubbish?

2) I would gladly make use of TW's customization / racquet matching services - i think it's awesome - i have nothing bad whatsoever to say about TW, and all my previous dealings with them has been exceptional. It just worries me that i might order a racquet, expecting certain specs, and getting something different, then either having to customize, or pay TW to do it for me.

3) I have a few Dunlop racquets, and their specs are exactly the same as advertised and printed on the throat...Don't see why Head cant achieve this.
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