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I've seen some of these ATP players train as no doubt have others. To say they constantly work their socks off to achieve superhuman levels of strength and endurance is a myth put out by them. Sure they train hard but, you know, it's not all about a gym or hitting the weights room and there's no way they work at it like bodybuilders who find it hard enough themselves to build muscular mass. When a player or his trainer says X has put on 3 kgs of muscle by working out or sticking to a diet of sushi, I start to think whether that's really the case or is it something else. The trouble is now, post-Armstrong, some of us have become such a sceptical bunch that were not prepared to swallow the fanboy titbits put out by players or their trainers to explain this or that. We've been conned too many times. And when players like Djokovic make thicko statements that the game is clean because the testing that goes on is so good and we don't really need the blood passport, well that says it all really.
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