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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
That Impluse 600 looks very interesting.
This one is the only I own. My brother played with it during early 90s.

Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
They all have the same butt-cap without made in austria? Because even the junior graphite racquets were made in Austria at that time.
It looks like these might be some lower end frames.
Yes, same butt-cap without writing. Have you ever seen it before?
I own two Graphite Evolution 3 (junior racket): one with standard butt-cap with Made in Austria writing (and Leconte Series writing on top of head) and the other with the butt-cap I posted above (no writing), and Graphite (Series) instead of Leconte Series writing. They are identical, only different butt-cap, writings on top of Head and a little bit different shade of blue paintjob. It seems that you're right in saying "It looks like these might be some lower end frames", but in your opinion are they Made/Designed in Austria or not?

Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
I remember in 1989, the US market got the first of many Asian-made Head frames: the Match Pro, a 600cm2 constant-beam widebody that was, at the time, downmarket from their Austrian-made lines. I seem to recall this model was made in Taiwan. I also vaguely recall the buttcap sticker was a silver one as seen at the top of this thread.
This is very interesting: I didn't know that in 1989 Head already have some plants in Far East countries. Maybe this could explain all...
But I think it's very strange that a Pro Series too was produced in Taiwan, China or Malaysia (Specter Plus, last two pictures), and I think that in that case the butt-cap should have a Made in Taiwan (or Malaysia, or...) badge, don't you think so? I saw some Head frame with a silver badge with Made in Malaysia writing instead of Made in Austria one, and they date to early 90s, as the rackets we are talking about...
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