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Originally Posted by Blocker View Post
I would go with Pete's serve.

The ball is in Pete's hands, he can do what he wants with it.

Federer's forehand is contingent on so many things, how fast the ball is coming at him, how much spin the ball has as it comes at him, where he is positioned on the court at the time of impact and where his opponent is positioned.

But with the serve, it's your call each and every time.

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
And during every game too, not just your service game.

They pointed out two key, countervailing considerations:
1. You have complete control over your serve, but not your forehand
2. You only serve in half the games

It's an interesting way to frame the question.

I suspect the "correct" answer is that it depends on what else you bring to the table. Specifically, it depends on your ability utilize/capitalize the big weapon.

Footwork and a decent backhand would be key in getting the most out of Fed's forehand.

Capizalizing on Pete's serve seems a little trickier. Would it be better to have good volleys to go with it? Or would that be unneccessary, and more important to have good returns?
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