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Default Microgel Prestige Pro or YouTek Prestige Pro?

I need some advise here.

I currently play with the Head YouTek Prestige MP with PHT 17 @54 lbs, and this has been my favourite racquet of all time. I love everything about it - the weight, the feel, the stability, the brutal unforgiveness when I don't move my feet, and the sweet Prestige reward when i do

Anyway, I recently discovered that my game might benefit from a 16x19 string pattern, giving me just a little more spin and power. So, i'm looking at either the Microgel Prestige Pro, or the YouTek Prestige Pro. I'm not really keen on the IG model though. I have the YouTek IG Prestige MP as well, but it doesn't feel even remotely like the YouTek version. I feals "dead" or muted, or i don't know, but it doesn't feel like a Head racquet to me.

I have never hit with the YouTek PP or the Microgel PP, and was hoping someone could shed some light for me here. Any insights would be appreciated
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