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Originally Posted by OHBH View Post
This thread reminds me of a similar debate in the golfing world. They actually did a study of the top pros swing and found that all but one of the top golfers reached their maximum swing speed just BEFORE impact. The one guy who continue to accelerate past impact was Johnny Miller, a man who just happened to be the very best ballstriker on tour at the time of the study.

Most amateurs, tennis and golf alike tend to reach their maximum head speed too early in the swing
Yes but of course the hit slows down the racket/club. But if the racket picks up speed afterwards again, I think it is an indication of that the intention is racket head acceleration through impact (or applying of power through impact if you want). I think intent is a perfectly ok word here btw. But interesting result! And yes swinging too early often results in bad contact I guess.
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