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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Adding lead can help you develop a more fundamentally sound swing.

I suggest adding about 4 grams at 3-9 and maybe 3-4 grams at 12 just as a start. The racquet will feel quite a bit heavier w/ that. You can use that extra weight to develop changes in your swing. It can help you get more of a lag, lay your wrist back more, use more of your body and less arm, use your arm only for control etc etc.

Give it a try.
Thank you...I have done so with my previous rackets. I just wanted to confirm that i was experiencing it in the same way you guys have and that lead does influence the actual swing (to me its more noticeable on the double backhand than elsewhere). My new rackets are very light and i could feel that my actual swing wasn't as "flowlike" anymore. I think lead will "balance" the swing for me.
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