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I saw Barbara Schett play the AO Legends on the weekend and she was looking damn fine. However IMO Steffi Graf remains the benchmark for WTA MILF G.O.A.Tness. Although to see what lies in store for her in the decades to come is a concern, if you've ever seen the leathery example of her mother.

Novotna looks great these days, as does Sukova. If you wanna know what Mandlikova's hot younger sister may look like - if she had a younger sister - then search adult entertainer June Summers.

I'm curious how the following are looking nowadays too:
-Claudia Kohde-Kilsch
-Barbara Paulus
-Andrea Temesvari
-Virginia Ruzici
-Anne White (she of the Wimby catsuit)
I saw Virginia Wade at a function last year and except for a few gray hairs she looks in playing shape.
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