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Originally Posted by mxmx View Post
people with african heritage, are naturally stronger and more athletic in my opinion. They run faster, further...are stronger.
Serena probably looks like she does due to her genes as well as specific strength training to have the edge in power . African woman are tended to be very strong and large boned (even her dad looks like he could be strong and big boned) - not trying to sound racist or anything...but this is often the case.

This thread should rather be:
who's stronger: Serena or Navratilova?
This is partially true but especially in the lower region of the body. Blacks(depending on the location in Africa where they come from) are the best in endurance events and speed events. But pure physical, upper body strength? I doubt it. Most strongmen/powelifting/weightlifting competitions I've seen have mostly caucasians(usually central-eastern european)/central asians but few black competitors, let alone winners.

People of african decent also seem don't seem to do good in swimming events due to their physiognomy.
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