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To compare Safina to Safin in talent is quite the joke. Safin did have the talent to dominate the ATP in the several years before Federer existed. Safina certainly did not have the talent or the anything to dominate the WTA, she had the ability (through tons of hard work more than talent) to win a French Open at some point had she not been a choker on the big stage, and to be one of a string of computerized #1s in a really weak WTA era, that is it.
Above all else, Safin cannot be referred to in the same breath as his sister, since he won majors--he never lived up to his obvious potential, but he was aboe to win, and compete against the best of his transitional eras (remember who was playing when his career launched, and who was on top when he retired). Safina was a problem right out of the gates, and she--like Wozniacki--does not deserve credit for being a glorified workhorse who mindlessly plays every event on earth, but fails at the all-important majors.
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