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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
Vanderbilt added Marc Van Der Merwe to their roster. He was top 500 ITF Junior from South Africa that should be able to give them some more depth.
Yeah, I see he's playing 1st doubs with Lipman and 3/4 in the singles line up. It's a little strange because Vandy never used to allow kids to start school in the Spring, and I hadn't heard anything about his being there in the Fall (unless he was and just wasn't eligible until now).

This situation came up a few years ago when the hoops team was supposed to get JP Prince as a transfer from Arizona, but when he wasn't allowed to start school in the Spring he ended up at Tennessee instead. Maybe David Williams has "relaxed" the rules. Hell, they're starting to get football players in that never would have considered Vandy previously.
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