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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
My best captain does it kind of in the middle ....

Usually he schedules for three week stretches at a time.

However, usually when we see the schedule we immediately know who will be our biggest challengers. On those matches he starts scheduling very early by letting his best 8 know he wants them if available and works his way down the list if they cannot make it or if changes happen.

That's what's worked for me as both a player and a captain. I'll admit though, as captain, I've generally already "worked" out the schedule for the whole season (to try to make sure everyone gets ~equal playing that has been our team's stated policy).

I have only played on two teams where the captains did lineups week-to-week. One also didn't use email. I will not play for either of them again as the logistics were way too stressful. As a "family" person, the more in-advance I know of my captain's request to have me in the lineup, the better I can (re)arrange things to (potentially) make them happen. Long-planned events and "emergencies" notwithstanding, I generally have been able to make it all work...for everyone.

Not sure that there's a perfect answer. What works for one, will or may not for another. If you're the captain, poll your players. If you're the player, tell (but don't demand of) your captain. You'll be surprised. The best plan plan on good communication!
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