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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
This is partially true but especially in the lower region of the body. Blacks(depending on the location in Africa where they come from) are the best in endurance events and speed events. But pure physical, upper body strength? I doubt it. Most strongmen/powelifting/weightlifting competitions I've seen have mostly caucasians(usually central-eastern european)/central asians but few black competitors, let alone winners.

People of african decent also seem don't seem to do good in swimming events due to their physiognomy.
I agree mostly...but in my country, which i'd prefer not mentioning, i have seen many african woman who would probably take out their men. In fact, it seems as if the men fear them at times.
You also need to take note which countries actually enter these tournaments - it being popular, will bring out those strong woman. (Finland/Denmark etc)
If these tournaments were popular in lets say Nigeria, trust me, those woman will often win.
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