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Default Am I robbing my daughter?

I've been very conservative with my daughter in terms of her racquet and strings. She is 12 yrs. old (sectional/nat'l level) and she has never been injured and my thought has been to keep her with a light racquet and soft strings. She uses the Babolat Pure Drive lite (10.3 oz. strung weight) and Wilson NXT Control 16 strings (60 lbs.).

She is a skinny, light, athletic player, who hits with a lot of topspin for a girl (not a traditional flat girl hitter and she handles pace pretty well). However, not that she is getting stronger, is it time to look at a heavier racquet for more plow through and a hybrid type string pattern to take advantage of her topspin? Or, is it still too early to focus on the technology side of tennis?

Any thoughts, suggestions . . . weights on her existing racquet? move up to the Babolat Pure Drive? I hear about the new Wilson Stream 99 which could be perfect for a spin hitter like her . . . any thoughts would be appreciated.
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