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Originally Posted by OHBH View Post
A racket with more plow would be a fine idea but definitely do not use poly strings. Poly is just asking for a injury. You really don't need poly until you are 5.0 adult player. Most of the amateurs on these boards are fooling themselves trying to use poly like pros do. Poly helps keep the ball in play but most folks simply overswing a poly corrects that mistake. Using a correct fluid swing and controlling the ball with technique would improve just about anyone's game without the arm damage.
Thanks OHBH. To save money and get more plow through, would adding weight to her existing racquets (conservatively) make a difference? I'm leery of the ploy strings so thanks and my #1 goal is to avoid injury and she is injury free. I'm just trying to begin to use technology slightly to her advantage.

Any thoughts on a better string or string pattern than the Wilson NXT Control 16?
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