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There have been no long term studies done on common anabolics that prove any link to cancer. Really there have been no long term studies done at all. The closest is an AIDS research study that deals with long term use of Anavar to prevent muscle wasting and it had no deleterious effects beyond elevated liver enzyme levels. I have no interest in Lance Armstrong as the "Great White Hope" or whatever it is you are rambling about. I despise pseudo science, I particularly despise when doctors say things like the post above. Most doctors have one maybe two semesters of pharmacology with no focus on hormones or steroids. The statement that your doctor friend made is unsupportable tripe. I am not an apologist for steroids, I do not think they are the next great thing. I do know that they have been abused a lot by a lot of different groups and the results can be pretty terrifying if you are not careful. That being said there are safe ways to use steroids, just like any drug that has a medicinal value. Magic Johnson would not be alive today without Anavar and yet the demonization of steroids in general is why Anavar is not available to more HIV positive people for far less money. It is out of patent, someone can make a generic, but no one wants the bother of adding another scheduled drug to their catalog.
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