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Originally Posted by Thud and blunder View Post
It certainly demonstrates the phenomenon OP is talking about, but the question at hand is why?

I accept that first strike tennis has better risk-reward in the WTA, but then retrieving seems to pay off well too (cf Radwanska, Wozniacki); it's the intermediate ATP style that doesn't seem to get any traction.
runners run, hitters hit.... couple examples dont make a trend .... and these 2 haven't won a major yet.

in ATP there are more runners.... guys are fast... guys who can't run, big guys, raonic, delpo... these are hitters and they hit like WTA.

in WTA there are more hitters (because them girls can't run), first strike tennis like you said.

survival of the fittest.

WW spinny stuff, pays off for the guys with legs... but often serve up mid court balls to be pounded in the WTA.
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