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s b/h c: IDK about that.. some of those Frenchies didn't look too athletic ,yeah maybe you can say Tsonga and Monfils are ,but not the Tsonga has always looked out of shape to me,up until this year... but those 2 are like mental midgets ...

Rina : I have to agree with you here on the coaching part... I grew up with R.Lansdrops and that's what he did to us.. that's what made him and his students successful .. he is not en vogue now because America has to be so political correct in everything we all do.. if he verbally abused a child now-a -days he'll get sued..(I think he was already).. but growing up with he B.S. set you straight ,I found out later that he's really a *****cat deep down.. he just has a passion for caring for his students .. but of coarse R.L. has the best eyes to see the finest details of your strokes ,and he's the best ball feeder in the business ..
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