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Originally Posted by couch View Post
Make sure you get the plain synthetic, not with duraflex or wearguard. I don't think those types offer the snap back as plain synthetic.
Thanks for the suggestions in your other post. I have a reel of B5E and have that is what I have been using the last 18 months with X-one crosses. Love that combo in the Pro Opens.

Forgot about NvY as a option for crosses. The Tonic 16 / Poly Pro felt better after a few hours of hitting with it Strung at 52 / 54. Thinking the tension will die quickly on the poly. Maybe I should start lower on the tension.

Will try some various poly / NvY combos and see if that helps.

It could just be my elbow does like the flex of the 99S and that will be a complete buzzkill as I love the frame after six days of hitting with it.

Mikeler, going to UPS store today as they accept USPS mail. Sorry I didn't the strings in the mail Sat. Was gone from 845 am until 530 pm on Sat and didn't get that B5E mailed to you.

I will keep you posted on the MSV Soft Hex as well.
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