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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
It's generally the younger generation who think Serena is GOAT.
THANK YOU for making this great point, as it has been noted about younger generations living in the moment, rather than considering or acknowledging the irrefutable achievements of a time before their own. I have said this is like some child wanting their "toy" to be the "best ever" even when the key requirements to even be in that conversation were never met. That said, i've said Serena cannot be the GOAT as she--like any player who failed to win the historically accepted/celebrated Grand Slam--cannot be the greatest over everyone else. This--obviously--applies to male players as well, and again, i'll note that at the time Graf won the Grand Slam in 1988, the GOAT talk was swirling around her--and many crowned her, but her career (with many more majors yet to win) was young. They did not wait for older Graf to earn more majors victories, but crowned her with many years left in the tank.

That talk and actual crowning of Graf-1988 would never have happened if Graf only mananged to win three majors that year; in fact, Wilander won three that same year, but he was not even close to being considered the GOAT. He--like anyone else not meeting the criteria--will not wear that GOAT crown. So Serena--while easily one of the greatest ever to step on a court in the sport of professional tennis--is not THE greatest above all others.

I have Serena at 4th.
That reads as fair...debatable for some, but fair.

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