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A customer brought me a set of Mamba Premium Natural Gut to put into his racquets. I tried to post a review on the Mamba website where the review count is frozen at 7 (all positive) but it looks like the Mamba folks are only interested in positive reviews. So I will post my thoughts here.

Mamba Premium strings up like black licorice lace. It has a gummy surface that is easily chewed up by the cross strings and by the grommets. It gets chewed up by the grommets because it is not gauged properly. This set was marked 16 ga which would normally be about 1.30mm. I checked the string at several points with a digital micrometer. It ranged from 1.42 to 1.54. So, frankly I would recommend buying the black licorice instead, the gauging will be more consistent. The durability and playability should be about the same.

I would recommend to any other professional stringers out there that when someone brings you a set of Mamba Premium, in anticipation of the trouble you will have getting it through the grommet holes and surviving routine weaving and tensioning that you charge a premium for the service. I think if people realize that cheap gut is going to end up costing more than expensive gut (heck, if having to call up customer service for replacement sets isn't enough to discourage them) maybe they will stop being penny-wise and pound foolish.

Save your money and buy quality.

Edit: Quality natural gut is a highly refined product and people will look at in disbelief that it is made from animal intestines. It is often as crystal clear as nylon and as smooth in texture as any synthetic. Mamba gut is noticeably lacking in refinement. It is a gooey disintegrated mess. It is very evident that it is animal in origin. And it is the worst string anyone has ever asked me to put in a racquet.

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