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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
He looked a bit drained in the final against Federer but his serve was at his peak and his backhand performed brilliantly therefore he didn't have to run left and right all day in order to win, also Federer handed him the match in the end which helped. Besides, his 5-hour match against Verdasco wasn't a complete grindfest, Verdasco still managed to score like 100 winners which wasn't the case in the Djokovic-Nadal 2012 AO match which resulted in tons of unforced errors.

At the 2012 AO Djokovic spent 5 hours in a grindfest against Murray, 6 hours in the final in a 2nd consecutive grindfest and he still looked fresher than Nadal at the end of that match. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
OK, believe in what you want, I don't care. But it's hypocritical to say that about Djokovic-Berdych QF, and when I'm joking about Olderer and PEDS, you're insulting me.
''Laying awake in bed last night, I realized that in Federer's last 4 losses in Grand Slams, he has won a grand total of 1 set.'' - McEnroeisanartist
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