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Ok, just a warning to those who think they might be having arm problems with the 99s. I got to demo it and the stringer said he strung it to 58 lbs with Luxilon 4G (mains and crosses). So, as you all know, that is relatively high for a poly string. Well, I first was exited and hit outside with it on a 45 degree day. I could feel the vibration through the frame when I was hitting big. So, i blamed it on hitting in the cold and then got to hit it indoors with newer balls. Same thing, just could feel the whole frame vibrate. I thought this was cool, until I realized that is the definition of tennis elbow, and about 3 months ago, I just got over a bout of that as i was experimenting with different string tensions/patterns. However, a number of you guys probably don't hit as hard as me and just use a window washer motion and probably will never even feel this. Also, I am thinking, that the racket was simply strung too high with all poly, further showing the hollowness of the frame. I am also spoiled, as my main racket is the head microgel mp, which, the "microgel" is just a fancy word for silicone injected in the frame, which gives it this rock solid feel and no vibration to it(plus its way less stiff, also). I also have a pure drive gt, which is very similar to this frame in stiffness, but again did not notice any vibration on my frame. If you hit anything in the top third of the racquet hard enough you will feel what I am describing(unless I got just a bad demo model). I don't have tennis elbow anymore so i didn't have any pain hitting with this, but was wary and didn't use it too much.
As for the spin? Well, I was experimenting with a new combo of strings in my babolat, and thought it made more or as much spin as the 99s! Though, compared to the babolat, the 99s was smaller(i was pleasantly surprised, as I don't really like how large the head is on the babolat) and more shaped like my 98square inch head microgel(which is more like a 95 compared to other company specs), which i liked. I had decent control/accuracy with it and overall, felt almost like hitting with the most powerful wood racquet because of this give and vibration through the frame. This caused me to return it quicker just in order to keep my arm in 100 percent shape that it is now. Oh, and I almost forgot, all rackets had the same dampener in that I always use, so that was not a factor. So, for now, until or if they make a more solid players racket version of this, I am going to put my new string combo in my microgel and then decide if I am going to use my babolat or head or both for the summer.

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