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Murray about Chardy:

"He has had two very good wins, one against Del Potro a couple of rounds ago, and the last time I played him in Cincinnati I lost to him," Murray said. "I've played him quite a few times. We grew up around the same time in juniors. We know each other pretty well.

"The Cincinnati match was disappointing from my side. I normally play quite well against him. But he's playing good tennis. He's had some big wins this week. He serves well. He's very aggressive off his forehand. His backhand is his weaker side, for sure. He hits a lot of slice, doesn't come over it too much. He likes to come forward.

"He can be erratic. But when his game is on, like it's been the last few rounds, he's a very tough player to play because he doesn't give you too much rhythm. And, yeah, he really goes for it."
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