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Originally Posted by julian View Post
Golf has different "DISTANCE" constraints
But of course tennis players are also interested in applying power, and spin.

Originally Posted by julian View Post
I disagree with the first part of the post.
To go a little deeper if I may.
For ATP forehand 3 (see the classification of Yandell et al) the vertical component of the racket head speed has to go from 0 to 20 mph in 11 milliseconds.
It is NOT a piece of cake to achieve it.Some shanks are generated.
The banner example is reasonably skilled Fderer who shanks A LOT during some matches.
On the other hand it need not be extreme. I am talking about acceleration, not maximum possible acceleration at all costs.

Originally Posted by julian View Post
Last sentence-it is NOT true for a serve of Federer-see Andy Fitzell.
I think that the impact of the ball slowing the racket needs to be taken into consideration. I would guess it is more or less impossible to not have the ball deccelerate the racket at impact. The question is more, does the player also do it.

Originally Posted by julian View Post
Some little problems with a tennis net for TENNIS (NOT GOLF) should be mentioned as well.
Which is why spin is important. It is both about applying spin and speed in the right combination. If you were talking about the subject at hand, I am not sure.

Originally Posted by julian View Post
LAST TIME I checked it was the TENNIS forum
Well I do not mind a few golf analogies in the thread. I guess everbody knows there are differences, but it is all good with me.
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