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Default Would tennis be better with the following rule changes?

I think the sport is long overdue for some rule changes. I'd propose the following:

1) One serve

I don't know about you, but I watch tennis for the rallies. I find little entertainment value watching a fault, service winner, or even an ace. One serve means players will be hitting second serves, which means we'd see more rallies.

Moreover, while I don't have statistics at hand, I would venture to guess that players are holding serve upwards of 85% of the time - because they're winning upwards of 85% of their first serve points. However, if they were only hitting second serves, players would probably only hold 50 - 55% of the time, i.e. games would be more close, more competitive, thus more entertaining.

Lastly, with one serve, you'd see the more talented players rise to the top of the game, rather than 6'5 plus guys who can hold serve by hitting aces at will. I believe the most talented players are the most entertaining to watch. Think of guys like Mcenroe, Rios, Arazi, etc.

2) No ad scoring

One of tennis's biggest challenges has always been gaining new fans. It's never been as popular as baseball, basketball, football, and today it's even taken a back seat to golf, which is pretty hard to do. One reason, I believe, is that those unfamiliar with the sport will be channel surfing, perhaps stop on the USO on CBS, then hear "15, 30, 40, deuce," and wonder what in the heck they're talking about. Point being, most casual viewers will immediately lose interest if they can't even figure out the score, or who's winning. Forget about tradition, dump the deuce and ad scoring and just go with 1-2-3-game.

Also, by dumping the ad, you'd add an element of entertainment missing from the sport, i.e. the simultaneous game point.

3) First to six wins

This rule change would only work if the one serve rule was implemented. Again, with one serve, statistically speaking both server and receiver would have an equal chance of winning the game, thereby obviating the need for a win by two set.

Could you imagine the excitement of a Wimbledon final, 5th set, five all, three all, i.e. simultaneous championship point!!

4) Score like badminton, table tennis, volleyball...

Or... perhaps tennis should do away with the six game set all together and go with straight up scoring, e.g. first to 21 or 25 points wins the set. One of the reasons casual fan watches beach volleyball (apart from the bikinis), is he can understand the scoring. 15 - 15 means both teams have scored 15 points. What a concept!

Also, straight up scoring would ensure that the better player wins the set, whereas under the current rules, a player could be outscored in points but still win the set.
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Thanks for reading. I look forward to your responses.
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