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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
tough draw is just beginning. in all likelihood he's going to have to go through Tsonga, Murray, Djokovic for the title. I think, IIRC, he could face all top 50 opponents if he were to win the title.
Murray being on his side is tough but it's rather supposed to be like that from quarters and on. The guys he faced in between 2nd-4rd round are all capable of playing better tennis compared to most of the field (actually thought people were hyping Tomic but he ended up being the most impressive opponent so far); Federer playing a shaky match at an earlier round wasn't so unlikely. In that sense I thought the first 2 sets against Davydenko (a little worse and he might have lost those sets) and the whole Tomic match was very impressive. Didn't see the Raonic match but with a serve like that anything could happen; a TB was guaranteed and Fed got through it.

The rest is all to play for, including Tsonga, but I think Fed did great in the first week, better than last year IMO. Maybe the bit faster courts and better opposition has contributed to that.
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