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Originally Posted by adventure View Post
to his worshipers, to the lancetards.

And I know why.

Lance is the great white hope.
In a sports landscape largely devoid of superstar white athletes, lance stands out as a beacon on a hill. [/b]

This is lance's appeal. He's the great white hope. He's not french, either. Nor does he a have french sounding name. He's a texan. A good ol' american white boy.

But you can let go. Actually lance is a fraud, and a phantom. But he's 'white.' And an 'American.' Since canada, mexico, and all of latin america don't count as america.

Lance, the great white hope.
^^^ LMFAO. You are one sad, hateful psycopath, and a racist trolling one at that, pal. But ok, I'll play:

As far as I'm concerned, Lance Armstrong is a cheating, vengeful piece of garbage. But as for the (imho) misguided ones here defending him, where the hell do you get off making racist assumptions about their motives you racist piece of shlt?

Btw, are you an American "white boy" you racist?

If not, that's cool. What are you then, mr. racist?

Originally Posted by Adventure
The one balled wonder. The greatest of all time. White mamba, indeed.
Stay classy, racist.
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