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If people want to say Court had weak competition in Australia, where she won 11 of her 24 slams, Graf had really weak competition after the Seles stabbing until the end of 1996, which is 10 of her 22 slams. Heck for that matter outside of 90-early 93, and 98-99 Graf had weak competition her whole career, where she won 18 of her 22 slams, late 80s was 30 something Martina and Chris and Sabatini, and post Seles stabbing the whole womens game fell apart until the new generation saved the game in the late 90s. Court faced King, Bueno, Jones, Wade, Goolagong, Richey, and other numerous time slam winners for years at the other 3 slams atleast, and even some of her Australian Opens she beat some of those too. So not only does Court have superior singles achievements to Graf, tons more doubles achievements, but she faced more competition, even considering the Australian Open being weak those days.

The Seles stabbing should be a much bigger asterix than the Australian Open fields of the 60s. I did a breakdown once and estimated Court would have probably won roughly 9 of her 11 Australian Opens even if everyone played. You cant say anyone would have been favored over her on her home court, on her favorite speed of grass, early in the year when she was always fresh and ready to go (her slam tallies at Wimbledon and U.S Open suffered as she sometimes had a baby or took temporary retirement starting mid year). That is a huge contrast to Graf who would not have even been favored to win most slams from 93-95 had Seles not been stabbed, while Court would have been the odds on favorite every year at the Australian she won even if everyone played, probably would have been upset in a few of them, but still the one to beat everytime. So dont even think of mentioning the Australian Open status while dismissing the stabbing as nothing.

Of course when it comes to competition Serena had by far the hardest of all time from 1999-2007 when she won most of her current slams. Even the womens game today which people diss has far more depth than anytime before the late 90s. Anyone in the top 50 almost has potential to beat any great player on their day. That was never the case in the womens game in the past.

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