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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
that was a feature of that whole match, not just the first set ..

nadal committed quite a few errors of his FH wing because of that ... his BH however was on fire and he hit loads of winners with it ..
Thanks. I'll have to go back and watch that one. Haven't seen it in over six years

Do you think it was immediately after that match that Toni and Rafa resolved to attack the slice mercilessly? Nowadays, Rafa seems utterly committed to attacking the slice with the forehand whenever he sees it, and with the spin he can produce he can rip the short slice up over the net and into a corner like no one else. He's nearly eliminated that shot from Roger's arsenal when they play, further torturing Fed's backhand side. I also remember reading a piece by Steve Tignor in which he relates walking by a practice court at Indian Wells and seeing Rafa ripping backhands off short slices too (this was maybe 3-4 years ago). The domination of your backhand is now complete, no?
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