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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Margaret Court is certainly one of the all-time greats. Belongs in the top 3 or 4. However the AO in her time was rather weak -- not much more than a glorified local tournament. A lot of the top 20 did not play the AO back then. Eleven of her singles slam wins were at the AO -- just less than half.

It is difficult to compare achievements of pre-Open, pre-WTA greats with Graf, Navratilova and modern players. Back in the day,there were only 2 slam surfaces. Court won 5 of her singles titles on clay. The rest were all on grass. Difficult to make a direct comparison to the modern game for this reason alone.
point1- is that her fault? if any thing she had it harder than them because she won all 4 last i checked.

point2-but ppl still rate laver high even though he played in the same era and on the same surfaces. you want to put qualifiers for surface but not on the competition who actually hit the ball.
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