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Default 2013 ITA National Indoors Tournament - Seattle, WA (Feb 15-18)

I'm opening this thread for general discussion of the ITA indoors, but more specifically, I'm soliciting any requests for questions/comments/whatever about player gear. I'll be stringing the event, and I'm willing to take measurements/provide tension/string information IF a frame comes through my (or my team's) hands.

I am also seeing if I'll be able to live stream some of the event (the stringing "room") if anyone's interested, please let me know.

Since this is a general discussion thread, please title your gear related posts with [GEAR] in the subtitle when you post, so I can search and respond quickly/easily.

Note: Not all teams string through the host stringers, and there are two sites, only one of which (hopefully) I will be working at. Some teams never actually go through my site, but if anyone's REALLY interested, I can try to get the records from the other site.

Edit: Best I can do is tension/weight/balance readings.
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