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point1- is that her fault? if any thing she had it harder than them because she won all 4 last i checked.

point2-but ppl still rate laver high even though he played in the same era and on the same surfaces. you want to put qualifiers for surface but not on the competition who actually hit the ball.
This is the tired and true Graftard method over the years, always without fail.

-Those who achieved less than Graf vs greater competition, but still enough to be compared given the greater competition and higher level of play they displayed (eg- Serena, pre stabbing Seles), simply dismiss them saying "they dont have the numbers".

-Those who achieved more than Graf in every sense (Court, at one point and if you factor doubles Navratilova) qualify their wins with excuses and say numbers dont matter anymore.

Voila Graf ends up the mythical GOAT, works everytime.

BTW nearly everyone who followed the game back then feels the best surface of both Court and Laver would have been hard courts, and they both probably would have won even more slams if the U.S Open was on hard courts back then. So that "grass only" excuse is also a poor one. Plus back then grass the was the preeminent surface of tennis then, just like hard courts is today.

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