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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Neither did the people who accused Lance Armstrong.
Nope, they didn't. They just happened to be right, that is all.

Plus, really, "doping is rampant in tennis"?. There isn't anything to base that on. People are just paranoid.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
The only really bizarre thing about Nole is that he used to be unable to finish matches in the heat because of his breathing issues, and now not a sign of this remains.
But he does even now sometimes look like he can't go on, and he can. So maybe it just looked worse than it was, and he in part just gave up. Add to that the gluten allergy and I think it's reasonable.

Plus, if he didn't want to take an unfair point in the RG final (that by the rules was his, I doubt he would be willing to go and actually cheat.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
And why is **** against the biological passport? Why has he not been blood tested in 7 months? I guess I should just stay in line and keep my mouth shut because I might be harming the sport by talking about the obvious doping going on. Unbelievable.
That is odd. Not his fault, but odd. I remember reading an interview with someone from the ITF saying they did do more testing on someone they thought might be doping do to "information" they had. I've got to wonder if that information comes from internet forums and TV puppet shows, since Rafa had gotten tested several times. And if anything it is Novak's stamina that is suspicious (and only that).
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