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Nobody can be given a hands down GOAT label anyway. Not Federer, not Sampras, not Nadal, not Laver, etc... Otherwise you'd have a "perfect" player, but I think if you did a worldwide poll you'd find that the consensus (at least for now) is Federer, if of course you believe in that kind of thing (and I could see why someone wouldn't.) In essence, Federer is tops or tied in the most important categories, so he is the closest to "perfect."

In regards to the topic, I don't know how it can be Sampras. IMO it can't ever be Sampras now, but that's because Federer broke pretty much every record he had, and he played in an era too similar to Federer's when compared to say the difference between Federer and Laver's era, which is why some people understandably don't believe in the GOAT concept. It's also why everybody that doesn't believe Federer is the GOAT says it's Laver, because it can't be Sampras in most people's eyes, thanks to Federer, and the conditions were so different that it's impossible to compare, so they stick to their opinion and I stick to mine. Both are fine, and Sampras was a great player in his own right which some people don't give due credit to IMHO which is really too bad. And everybody knows why that is. All comes back to Federer having a better list of accomplishments again in most people's eyes.

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