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Originally Posted by tennis34 View Post
Hi guys,

I'm working on a tennis ladder/league and a tournament management website. It's free for everyone to use, no gimmicks

The url is if someone wants to take a look and help me beta-test it?

My goal is to replace outdated website (I'm sure all of us used it at some point!).

Some of the features:
- this website is absolutely free for both players and admins
- find a local league/ladder and opponents
- create and administer a new league/ladder
- create, manage or play a tennis tournament
- keep a personal journal of all ladder and non-ladder matches
- view all kind of statistics about your matches and your playing patterns.

Please let me know what you think. I just launched this very first version of it today. Thx!
I'm not sure how to use this to manage a league team. That involves being able to enter a schedule of matches (dates, opponents, and locations) and assigning players to each match and line then being able to contact them through the system. I don't see how this would be possible with your system unless I'm missing something. The interface (AJAX?) is very slick though.
Thanks TW for the version reversion and Xenforo FTW!
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