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Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
Serena is the greatest women's player ever, IMO.

I realize she doesn't have the numbers that some others do,
but there are some reasons for that.

competition, injuries, hiatus, focus, richard, etc.

nonetheless, I fully believe she is the best to ever step on the court.

i grew up watching 70-80's tennis, etc. Yes, Martina, Stefi and Monica were phenomenal
(i'd leave Hingis out this discussion altogether, she was the Lleyton Hewitt of her time,
to me....and nothing wrong with that).
Serena's new coach is doing a great job. At age 31, she won the WTA championship without dropping a set, started 2013 by winning Brisbane without dropping a set. But let's not bash the man who after all laid the foundation to the player the queen of aces would become.

If Serena doesn't get injured this year, I am confident she will win all 4.
Djokovic2011 on Nadal at RG :"Peak Graf would've given him a good run for his money".
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