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Originally Posted by Ripper014 View Post
I like this idea... but there is nothing wrong with hard courts being part of the mix. It would be nice to have distinct surfaces again instead of making everything homogenized.

And going back to a smaller head size would put a premium on hitting the ball in the middle of the racket and not all about power. And for those of you that don't know... you can still hit a ball pretty hard with a 65 sq in racket when you have time.

But I might be convinced to go to 85 sq inches.
Totally agree. The four rules of the OP are terrible.

Just have polarized conditions as it always was and use 65 s.i. wooden racquets or at most 80-85 s.i. graphite racquets from the late 70s and beginning of the 80s.

Then we would see a totally different top-5 (from the current top 5, probably only Federer would still be top 5 in this case).

Seriously, I would love it!
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