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Default TW Playtesters are awesome

The Racket Reviews (& reviewers) are getting better and better. Andy is great, really take his feedback to heart because of his more modern & aggressive style, along with his competitive experience (being a college player myself). Ofc good ol' Chris is still shredding it up on court. Been taking Chris's advice for years now & hope to see him out there for years to come. Can't possibly elaborate on everyone but shout out to the other guys as well. Being a guy, I can't relate to a girl's preferences but Siobhan, Brittany, etc are all good players. Not many complaints with the current crew but I can only hope that one day a modern one-hander will join the crew . I've switched rackets three times since I've started following TW in my younger junior years and every time I rely on your feedback heavily to decide which rackets to try. Keep up the good work guys.

PS: Really appreciate the fact that you all check youtube for questions & answer them in a timely manner. Big plus.

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