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For the 1hbh, not Federer or Dimitrov.

Wawrinka is a good beginner model because he straightens his arm early, takes a big step and weight transfer, and opens up his shoulders a bit at contact. All this will make the stroke more intuitive, as well as powerful and more effective against high balls.

Almagro is a better textbook example than Fed/Dimitrov.

Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I would not emulate her use of head-heavy frame and extreme Eastern BH grip. Not good for the arm.
Why is an extreme grip bad for the arm? If anything it would be better for the arm because high balls will be more comfortable and because that grip and its swing path uses a more forward contact point.

I think a good default grip for a typical adult would be Eastern with the heel pad around the top of bevel 7, or maybe the 7/8 intersection.

A short person should consider Extreme Eastern (index base knuckle on intersection between bevels 1 (top) and 8 ).

Originally Posted by TomT View Post
It looks to me like she uses something closer to a western bh grip.
No, it's Extreme Eastern as defined above. Same with Gustavo Kuerten and pretty much anyone who uses something stronger than Eastern. I'm not sure if there's a pro who moves his/her knuckle back further than EE.
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