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Originally Posted by TERRASTAR18 View Post
point1- is that her fault? if any thing she had it harder than them because she won all 4 last i checked.

point2-but ppl still rate laver high even though he played in the same era and on the same surfaces. you want to put qualifiers for surface but not on the competition who actually hit the ball.
Point 1 is pointless. Your argument there makes no sense. On point 2, why are you bringing up what "some ppl" say about Laver? Most consider Federer to be GOAT rather than Laver. Also, you criticized me earlier claiming that I was not taking any other factors other than total achievements into consideration -- in a vacuum? When I bring up one of these other factors, you criticize me for that. Where is the consistency, man?

As for competition these greats faced, I also mentioned that Court was not playing against a strong field at the 11 AO singles events that she won. You are wrong on that account as well.

Get your facts straight... Again, where in this thread or any other thread did I claim that Serena was using steroids. In another thread, not this one, I speculated that Serena might have high testosterone levels but I never did claim that she was using steroids.

As for competition faced by others... NA keeps harping on the Seles stabbing. Even w/o Seles in the picture, Graf still had plenty of competition. It was not a "weak era" w/o Seles as some would have you believe. Note also that pre-stabbing, Graf and Seles met 10 times and Graf still had the lead head-to-head. At Wimbledon (89 & 92), Steffi blew Monica out of the water. Check out those scores.
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