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'Serena is tougher than Monica though' = subjective. Serena was never in Monica's position. Monica's mental toughness was legendary and it floored her.'

'you were asking about toughness....i made the point that serena' s toghness was shown just as much as seles if not more. both came back from career/life ending injuries and won matches they were losing in.'

Where? Serena's toughness doesn't always shine, when things aren't going her way on court and she appears like she's going to cry, I don't associate that with toughness period.

Even the womens game today which people diss has far more depth than anytime before the late 90s. Anyone in the top 50 almost has potential to beat any great player on their day. That was never the case in the womens game in the past.

Serena is 51-9 against the current top ten (not including w/o), three players have never beaten her. Wasn't Akiko Kijimuta ranked 150 when she led Seles 4-1 third set @ RG'92. De Swardt & Graf played three 3 setters, the South African never cracked the top 20 though has a better record against Graf than the current no. 1 has against Serena.

'Graf and Seles met 10 times and Graf still had the lead head-to-head.'

How successful was Steffi against the reigning no. 1 aged fifteen?
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