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Default A Mixed Question for the Ladies

In my past USTA life as a 4.0 I played a lot of mixed. I have partnered with this one 4.0 lady at 8.0 several times. When we partnered she would always return the guys serve well inside the baseline ... she explained that she could not handle spin out wide if she played back and that in mixed she found that guys were always afraid to hit the big serve at a woman anyway.

She also explained that she enjoyed the added benefit of getting a few extra double faults because of how tight she played to the service line putting the pressure on the man.

Fast forward to Friday night and as a 4.5 I am now playing against her. I know her mind set and I know she is going to hug the service line because she thinks I will not issue body serves at a woman in mixed. She was wrong ... Twice I hit hard flat serves that struck her in the torso. She moved back and then I hit about 10 aces out wide into the curtain that she could not get to.

So these are my questions:

Do you ever crowd the service line because you think you will gain a psychological advantage against the man?


Would you be upset if your opponent rifled hard serves at you regardless of your gender?
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