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So ...

It was really nice,i played 1,5 hours straight with it,then i swapped to mine and back a few times to compare and mine was like a board in comparison ...

I had no problems to control the 104 and it was really soft and forgiving, and even if i mishit it wasnt bad,the 93 is worse there.
However a few grams of lead to the handle and an overgrip,and perhaps a few grams per side 3 and 9 would make it abit more stable,but it wasnt that bad at all in stock form,despite its low weight.

It was strung with Wilson sensation at mid tension,still not a total rocket launcher.

It gave me something to think about,i really liked it !

I handed in my 93 for restringing for a last chance,i have a hybrid rpm/sensation now,wich is stupid when i think about it,it do feel softer than the prestrung syn gut,but im going full sensation now at 24kg, instead of the hybrid 26/25,maybe it helps, if not, well then im probably switching to the 104 !
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