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Default Players still make clean contact

I guess I'll create a new topic for this since it seems to be a big misconception people have about tennis history.

Go back and watch videos of tennis in the 80's and 90's. The Forehand grips have become more extreme. With the semiwestern grip, players rotate more into, through and out of the modern forehand. They get the flat pace and the topspin to bring the ball up and down. Players today have higher takebacks with the racket head above their hitting hand. Many players were already hitting like this in the 80's and before.

If you're following internet advice to pull off your stroke, you are headed for distaster. Players today have long follow-throughs. Always have. Always will. They make solid contact and have repeatable clean strokes that rarely miss. If you're hitting with too much of a brushy glancing blow because that's what you perceive on tv, you aren't focusing on what is really happening in the stroke. Get a good coach who will teach the fundamentals in a clear way without the mystical ambiguous language.

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